A modern thalassotherapy centre, located right on the sand of Nazaré beach, which takes advantage of the therapeutic properties of living sea water and the marine environment for wellness and health purposes. a space totally dedicated to the promotion of health and physical and mental wellbeing.
The active principles of seawater, combined with sophisticated body treatment techniques applied by qualified staff, are the basis of a wide range of thalassotherapy services, with preventive and curative purposes, will certainly provide you with an unforgettable experience.

In a unique setting, framed by the Atlantic and the promontory of Nazaré, Thalasso is the perfect place to rebalance the body and regain energy, in tune with the sea.


It reduces stress, relieves pain, helps you breathe better and benefits cardiovascular health.

Revitalize with sea water. Thalassotherapy is a therapeutic treatment based on the use, under medical supervision and in a healthy marine environment, of the properties of seawater, algae and sea mud.

The use of heat and balneotherapy and massage techniques encourage the absorption of the mineral salts present in the marine elements by the pores of the skin, in a natural process of remineralization, thus achieving beneficial effects for health.

What is Thalassotherapy


Reduces stress
Seawater, combined with relaxing massage techniques, helps to overcome depression, insomnia, fatigue and physical weakness.

Reduces pain
Seawater has an analgesic effect, especially in chronic or acute pains that attack the spine and extremities.

Activates blood circulation
Sea water allows a correct activation of the blood in the arteries and veins, combating the feeling of tired legs.

Improves respiration
Seawater promotes significant improvements in breathing, especially in the case of upper respiratory tract affections.

Helps in the treatment of Psoriasis and dermatological diseases
Sea water cleanses, detoxifies and promotes good skin condition.


> Musculoskeletal Disorders
> Rheumatologic pathologies
> Respiratory tract diseases and allergies
> Circulatory and lymphatic system (varicose veins, oedemas, tired legs)
> Dermatology
> Weight loss
> Sleep disorders
> Anxiety, stress and depressive states


Sea water contains basic elements in the proportions required by our cells to remain in integrity and balance, which makes it a natural method of remineralization of the organism.

The action of the thermal changes of the sea water, the continuous massage caused by the movement of the water and the pure air of the marine environment favor the absorption of the minerals by the pores of our skin.

The use of sea water for therapeutic purposes is almost as old as human civilization. According to documentary sources, Hippocrates, father of medicine, recommended the use of sea water as therapy to cure health imbalances.

Over the centuries, Thalassotherapy has demonstrated visible results in the relief of various pathologies. By the wide variety of application modalities, thalassotherapy ensures appreciable improvement in the general state of health of the user, restoring the balance of the body. The studies carried out in this area indicate that at the end of a cure, people register a feeling of pain relief and physical and psychic well-being that extends in time [Roscoff, 2009].

Marine treatments are particularly effective in combating reumatismais diseases. In the history of the salty hot baths of Nazaré, the testimonies left by the users point to a great decrease and even elimination of the pain, improvement of the muscular state and increase the amplitude of the movements of the joints.