« During the months of August, September and October flock to Nazaré, looking for health and rest, thousands of swimmers coming from various points of the Paiz [...] It is sound and cheerful [...] Only for the waters is worth going to Nazaré '.

Thalassotherapy is far from a modern-day pleasure. In Nazaré, the therapeutic use of sea water dates back to the end of the 21st century. XIX, when he started the habit of "going to baths" for reasons of health and well-being. Then came the salty hot baths of Nazaré, which were part of the bathing seasons of the Society of the time.


The oldest dated 1888 but, due to profound remodeling works, it became 1906 in an "elegant building", inwardly endowed with "all modern amenities", with "meticulous service of its staff and scrupulous cleanliness of the tinas, clothes and waters". Records of the time stated that "in the Paiz there is no egual and Rivalisa with the best, in its genre, of the foreign [...]


Since its beginning it has been very frequented by the rheumaticos, for whose sufferings are highly recommended the hot baths of water of the sea, and the ever progressive frequency of Anno to Anno is the most eloquent proof of its efficacia. Not only have the clinics been encouraged to use these baths, but still the class of the vulgar people, who bocca in Bocca purports their virtues, comes with fanaticism to the thousands make use of these baths [...] ". (in "Nazareth", 1913)