Medical Consultation

The Centro de Talassoterapia da Nazaré has a medical office that provides support, advice and supervision for all thalassotherapy treatments.
Make an appointment with our medical team, who will advise you on the most suitable treatments for your clinical situation and the precautions to take during your thalassotherapy programme.

Consultation hours
Monday: 16h30/18h00
Wednesday: 17h/20h00
Thursday: 16h30/18h00

Price: 35€ (first consultation)
Consultations subject to prior appointment and under confirmation of availability of the doctor. Other times subject to availability.

Contact for booking: 262 560 450

Clinical Staff
Dr. Luís Valverde (Clinical Director, General Practice/Family Medicine, Hydrologist)
Dr. Francisco Teixeira (General Practice, Hydrologist)

Ana Margarida Ribeiro