Av. Manuel Remígio Edifício Barra,
2450-106 Nazaré - Portugal

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Monday to Sunday

09:30 – 20:00

All year round, without lunch break,
except 24th and 25th December (closed).

Located in the Marginal of Nazaré, in the middle of the beach, the Thalassotherapy center of Nazaré complies with the international standards of quality for this type of equipment.

Situated right next to the coast, inserted in an environmentally healthy environment and less than a thousand meters from the deep water mark, Thalasso uses therapies that are based on natural raw materials: seawater, seaweeds and sea sludge, and the sea air itself.

The marine climate and Environment of Nazaré is under the influence of a geological phenomenon known as the Nazaré Cannon – a gigantic submarine valley that is born about 100 meters from the coast and enters the Atlantic, reaching the maximum depth of 5000 meters.

The hydrodynamics of the submarine cannon cause the rise to the surface of the cold and nutrient-rich waters from the seabed, contributing to an even healthier environment.


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